Power to the Parents

Pygma is the new tool in every parent's arsenal when it comes to starting a family. It gives you the power over your future child's appearance, personality and most importantly health, to make sure they have the best start in this competitive world. Pygma is the one app that makes analysing, comparing and choosing your future children easy, fun and free*.

*Free plans have limits, see below for more information and exclude DNA privacy protection.

Founders: Joe Storks

Knowledge for all parents

Pygma uses machine learning to understand everything important about your possibilities and compares those against the world's populace to give you the best information to make an informed choice.

Simple for all parents

Signing up with Pygma is easy as pie. No need for invasive probes or filling icky vials, just send us some skin cells and we will take care of the rest. Leaving you to have to have fun discovering your pre-embryos.

Control for all parents

Pygma always keeps you in control by posting your chosen fertilised embryo to you, so you can choose a nearby IVF clinic and doctor that works for you.

Affordable for all parents

Having your perfect child shouldn't cost you their whole college fund, it should be affordable for all. Pygma aims to help every parent feel in control of their child's future in this competitive world.

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